Why work at Carousell?

Flat hierarchy

“I remember as an intern, I was too scared to share opinions around my bosses. However, I quickly learned that these same people welcomed all kinds of ideas and alternative viewpoints, and everyone is treated as an equal – even the co-founders! This gave me the confidence to voice out during brainstorm sessions and approach anyone with my ideas at anytime.”

Isma Nabila, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Work-life harmony

“They say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Things in a startup like Carousell can get pretty hectic, but work-life harmony is definitely achievable when your work involves mid-day ping pong showdowns and evening basketball matches before getting back to the grind.”

Serena Darcel, Head of Legal

Career Growth

“When I started as an engineer here, I helped to build the product by coding it. Now as a senior manager, I get to help build the team by imparting knowledge to the new engineers and helping to develop their talent. When I look back, it definitely feels like I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to grow.”

Victor Neo, Head of Engineering

Sense of impact

“You can get a sense of the growing number of people using our app from the numbers at our weekly team meetings. But you can really see for yourself, with your own eyes, just how much we’ve impacted the community when you keep seeing the people around you on the train and on the street browsing our app!”

Vern Urairat, Marketplace Experience Manager