Think you’ll be a good fit for the Carousell team? Great! Here’s a rough breakdown of what will happen next:

1. Apply for the job

While we’d love for you to join us, you’ve got to take the first step. Just find a position here, or look for our friendly recruiters at one of our events.

2. Interview

If your resume looks good, you should be hearing back from us and we’ll set up an interview, either in-person or over the phone. This is usually with a recruiter or the hiring manager, and we’ll be checking to make sure you’re not only qualified for the job, but you’re a cultural fit for the company.

3. Case challenge

For some roles, you’ll be asked to do a little bit of homework in the form of a case challenge. The nature of the challenge will vary, depending on the role you’re applying for, but essentially we want to see how you think when faced with a challenge!

4. Presentation or code review

If you did a great job with your challenge, then the next step is to tell us all about it! At this point, you might be presenting it to your hiring manager and maybe other team members that you’re likely to be working with.

5. Co-Founders interview

At Carousell, our co-Founders make it a point to speak to every likely candidate to make sure they’re a good cultural fit (culture is really important to us, and you’ll appreciate our selectiveness once you experience the results). You’ll be speaking to at least two of our three co-Founders, so you can take the opportunity to ask any burning questions you might have.

6. Let’s make that offer!

The final step!

Some handy tips for you

  • Tell us your story in your resume. Get in-depth about the projects you worked on.
  • Be prepared to answer some scenario-based questions during our interviews. They can get pretty technical!
  • We love data. So if you’re going to tell us that you’re a creative person, be prepared to back it up with examples.
  • Find out more about Carousell and what we strive to do. Everyone here is focused on our mission, so you should figure out what it is.
  • Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we’re all genuine and can see if we’re a cultural fit for each other.
  • Brush your teeth – everyone loves good dental hygiene.