Interested in joining our family but aren’t sure of what goes on in our teams? We’ll let them introduce themselves!


“In the Product team, we’re responsible for the user experience and journey with our app – and it’s so much more than just the features and interface! The journey starts when you first hear about Carousell from a friend, and it continues through the way you use the app until you become the one sharing inspiring stories to others.

If you have ideas for solving user problems or have an eye for appealing interface design, we’d love to hear from you!”

– Andrius Baranauskas, VP Product


“Building the world’s leading selling and buying experience. Applying machine learning to make selling even easier. Millions of users a day using your software. These are the things we do in Carousell engineering, and these are the reasons we’re always so excited about going to work every day.

The engineering team is one of the most diverse in Carousell (20 different nationalities and counting!), but we are all united by a common passion: solving global problems with great software!”

– Jordan Dea-Mattson, VP Engineering


“Data is the life-blood of Carousell, so it falls on us to constantly pump information out to all the other teams. In a data-driven culture like ours, the product and country teams depend on user trends and insights to inform their decisions and plans. Through rigorous analysis, we find the elusive patterns and trends and present them via compelling visualizations and storytelling.

We also build product features powered by machine learning to deduce, predict and respond to each individual user’s needs. If you enjoy diving into data and extracting powerful insights, then you’re going to love working in our team.”

– Shannon Chan, Data Scientist


“The Community Team strives to make the Carousell experience a friendly and enriching one for each and every Carouseller. 

It’s especially inspiring for us when we chat to Carousellers during one of our events and meet-ups as they often share many heartwarming and insightful stories of their many Carousell experiences. If you see one of us at an event, please come talk to us!

We are at our most passionate when it comes to brainstorming for crazy and creative campaign ideas to engage and entertain our users, as it is our way of giving back to the lovely community.”

– Cheyenne Ching, Community Specialist

Marketplace Ops

“The Marketplace Operations team, or “M.OPs” as we like to call it, comprises Customer Experience, Trust & Safety, and Marketplace Quality functions – basically stuff to give our Carousellers an easy-to-use and safe marketplace. Functionally, this means we cover technical product support, fraud prevention, ensuring listing quality, building friendships with governments and brands, and just simple listening to our users to find out how we can support them better.

It’s a lot of different roles, but we’re a tight team and everyone helps each other so we all achieve the same goal: helping our users get the best Carousell experience possible.”

– Ridza Salim, Marketplace Operations Lead

Digital Marketing

“Introducing Carousell to the world is what we do. We work on CRM, SEO, and a variety of user acquisition channels to let everyone know what our app can do, and how it helps you sell and buy things from the comfort of your couch.

In DM, you’ll need a logical and mathematical mind to process large volumes of data and draw useful insights from it – we like to make data-driven decisions! You’ll also need to be creative too, as we have to come up with engaging content that resonates with our audiences. It’s this duality in mindsets that keeps every day so exciting and challenging for us!”

– Arun Kumar, Digital Marketing Lead

International Growth

“Our team launches Carousell in new markets to grow our community from zero to our first 100 happy users! We constantly think up new growth ideas and initiatives, and it’s a super fun and exciting journey to watch our baby grow from something completely new in a country to a meaningful product used by hundreds of thousands of users everyday!

If you’re a trailblazer, relentlessly resourceful, and want to help us inspire the world to start selling, come join us!”

– Jing Zhi Peh, Growth Marketing Lead

Finance and Legal

“The central corporate functions of Finance and Legal reach into every corner of the business, while also keeping a panoramic view. In addition to keeping operations running smoothly by managing finances and ensuring legal cadence, we engage with the business and keep a watch on key drivers to make recommendations and build models that convert ideas into feasible plans. We connect this with a strong external view by monitoring the industry, anchoring investor relations, and supporting inorganic growth efforts.”

– Rakesh Malani, CFO


“The Design team is the visual gatekeeper of our brand identity across all the platforms and mediums. You’ll find us designing collaterals and marketing materials both online and offline, translating our ideas into something recognisable and easy to understand at a glance. It’s a lot of hard work creating so many assets, but it’s really rewarding to have so much influence over the way our brand is perceived!”

– Davina Tjandra, Design Lead

People Team

“At Carousell, the People’s team is constantly reinventing traditional HR processes because we want to look after our own in the best possible way. The happiest employees deliver the best business results, so we’re focused on giving everyone the best experience you can get from an organization – from the very first interview to the employee’s last day (if ever)!”

– Cherlyn Tay, Talent Coordinator


“The Comms team is a group of creatives with varying skillsets, interests, and specialties. We aim to win the hearts of people around the world through the stories and experiences we share about Carousell. On any given day, we could be planning a new market launch, working on new ways to share Carousell’s point of view, speaking to media and influencers, or interpreting data to understand consumers better.”

– Jodie Nei, Director of Communications

Carousell Motors

“Buying a new car or thinking of upgrading your ride? In the Carousell Motors team, we want to make selling and buying vehicles a breeze for you! We know how confusing and daunting the vehicle ownership journey can be. As a start-up within a start-up, we constantly innovate the processes for purchasing and listing vehicles to make it better for everyone. After all, we’re all motorists ourselves!”

– Sanjay Shivkumar, Head of Carousell Motors