Our Core Values

As we continue to grow as a company, our Core Values are what keeps us aligned and moves us forward. These are the values that as a company, we live by:

1. Mission first

Our mission is to inspire every person in the world to start selling and buying to make more possible for one another. Decisions are always made pointing in that direction, no single person’s ego should come in the way of that.

2. Care deeply

How can we help and better support our community? We strive to be empathetic and connect better with people around us.

3. Solve problems

Carousell started because of our belief in using technology to solve problems at scale. And with this belief deeply rooted in us, is how we’ll always be improving and pushing ourselves forward.

4. Be relentlessly resourceful

You can do anything as long as you are relentlessly resourceful. 

Whenever there’s constraint, we find a workaround. There’s always an answer to a situation and we relentlessly find our way to find an answer and move towards our mission.

5. Stay humble

Even when we have big wins, we always remind ourselves that we are less than 1% done. There’s always room for improvement and we can always be better than we are now.

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