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At Carousell, we want to make selling simple for everyone. We all have old stuff that other people need, so let’s give these items a second chance with a new home!

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Why work at Carousell?

Ownership of Projects

“As a newbie, I wasn’t used to the autonomy you get here but I found this trust empowering as it gave me a strong sense of ownership over my work. The responsibility and accountability greatly contributed to my growth and I don’t know if I would’ve developed so quickly anywhere else.”

Rachelle Yee, Growth Marketing Executive

A Progressive Culture

“I really enjoyed the culture of intellectual curiosity at Carousell. Asking hard questions and suggesting alternatives is something that’s welcomed here, even across teams and across all levels of seniority. Plus, you’ll never hear “Because that’s the way we do it” as an answer to “why?” at Carousell.”

Ari Bezman, Senior Product Manager

Winner of the SCS Best Tech Company to Work For Award